Thursday, November 29, 2012

House-Relate Pet Peeve

I just ran across a photo that urged me to write this post.

There are a lot of things people do in their homes, or TO their homes that annoy me, but I try not to judge, since the homeowner can do whatever he/she wants.

However, one such trend that I absolutely hate is the really popular idea of hanging a flat screen over a fireplace.

In RARE cases, it looks good, but I find that it almost always looks extremely tacky.

It just seems really ridiculous to me. The fireplace is meant to be a focal point in the room, and it's like putting a big neon sign over it. Not to mention that if the fireplace is working while you're trying to watch TV, it's incredibly visually distracting. It seems like a really trashy way to put something really modern over something old and traditional. I also find that the TV ends up being much too high on the wall. Why wouldn't you want it at a comfortable eye level when you're seated on the sofa?

I don't really know if there's one specific reason why I hate it so much, but I really do. I guess I see the fireplace as more of a sacred area for a fine piece of art, a beautiful mirror, or some other treasured objects. NOT A TV.



  1. I am reading through all of your old posts -- very enjoyable and informative BTW -- and had to comment on this. I agree with you 1000%! Yes, the TV over a fireplace is always going to be too high up for comfortable viewing. We actually redesigned our living room (late 1920s house), including moving French doors, so we could install the flat screen opposite the fireplace. This way we can enjoy both a fire and the TV, depending upon which way we turn. The fireplace is indeed sacred and we've devoted much effort and $ into improving its function and appearance.

  2. I often need to talk people out of this ridiculous trend, and they still ask for wiring above the fireplace just in case they change their mind or for resale purposes. The worst excuse is not having anywhere else to put the tv, this seems impossible in the average 2500 sq/ft home. I wish more people could sit and enjoy their fireplace without distraction, it is a primal and meditative pleasure and you don't have to spend a lot of money to do it.